Our Mission

An education and outreach collaborative centered on wildland fire science as a pathway into ecology, preparedness, and wildfire recovery for vulnerable populations and southern Oregon communities.

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Our Projects

Current SOFEE projects include:​

  • Adaptation of existing curriculum to reflect local ecology and history, for both online and classroom learning

  • Development of physical materials and a check-out system for classroom-based instruction

  • Establishment of fire-science-related career pathways for students, including connections to regional community college and university programs

  • Collection and sharing of resources to help individuals and families prepare for and live with the threat of wildland fire

  • Collection and sharing of post-fire trauma, recovery, and relief resources, including the community stories initiative

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Our Future

Stay tuned for more information about:

  • Professional development events to help classroom teachers help their students prepare for fire events

  • Hands-on workshops for formal and informal educators to learn about and become comfortable teaching the full SOFEE curriculum

  • Collaboration with local tribal groups, to adapt lessons to accurately reflect traditional Native American land and fire management practices